'Rio 2' Director on Inspirations and New Film

Updated 2014-04-24 18:26:08 CRIENGLISH.com

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"Rio 2" movie director Carlos Saldanha has come to Beijing to promote his new film and interact with his Chinese counterparts.

The Brazilian movie director accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from CRIENGLISH.com, where he spoke about the film and disclosed his next movie.

He said the success of Rio 1 encouraged him to continue with the series.

"Rio 1" was my original idea. I worked so many years. It was so successful that I felt that I wanna continue to tell the story. So when they tell me that they wanna to do more, I was very happy to continue to tell the story that I started on the first movie."

There is a scene in the movie "Rio 2" where the head of the woodcutters is swallowed by a large snake. This is followed by a close-up of the snake's stomach, with the head presumably inside. This appears to be a departure from the otherwise happy tone of the film. But Saldanha explained that that's the fun with animation.

"The fun of doing animated movie (is that) you can tell not only happy stories. You can also tell sad stories. But it's how you tell it that makes difference. You know we do it in a fun way. We do it in a unique way. And the good thing about animation is you have contrasts. You have happy moments, and you have not so happy moments. And that's what makes the movie interesting. It's like the emotions are up and down. You can only have comedy if you have drama. And that's how it works. So it's the way of process. It's the way of story telling."

"It's a comedy with dramatic elements to it. But i's comedy. It's a happy ending."

American actress Anne Hathaway voices Jewel in the 3D computer-animated musical adventure-comedy film. She left a great impression on the film director.

"Anne Hathaway is one of most brilliant actresses out there. This young generation of actresses they are like very talented, very professional. She's a joy to work with. She gave life to Jewel. She's so true to what she believes she brings so much of that truth in the characters she created. She's an amazing actress."

In addition to promoting "Rio2", Saldanha said that he came to China to learn more about the Chinese animation industry.

I don't know much about Chinese animation. Part of the reasons why I've come to China is to learn more, to get exposed with the industry here and to animators. And I know there's a big industry here. It's becoming a big industry. There's a lot of interesting Chinese students and companies to make animation. I think there's a bright future in the country. It's very exciting. It's very dynamic and with a lot of talented people. So I think China has everything to be a like huge player in the animation industry.

Although viewers who have seen "Rio 2" are anticipating a "Rio 3" or further sequels, Saldanha said that he's working on a new animated movie, adapted from very famous American book.

"I haven't thought too much about a sequel to "Rio 2." But I'm working on another animated movie called "The Story of Furdnand (the Bull)." It's an adaptation of a book, very famous book in the United States. There's a story of the bull who doesn't want to fight. And it's a very interesting one that's I'm working on right now."

When speaking about being influenced by animated movies during his childhood, the film director said Charlie Chaplin remained one of his biggest inspirations.

"I grew up with a lot of animations, especially the Disney movies back in the day, with classics of course, like Dumbo, Bambi, Pinocchio, but also with TV, Tom and Jerry. I love Tom and Jerry. And ones of the biggest inspirations from my childhood was watching Charlie Chaplin movies. And I loved watching those black and white movies with no dialogue, just with action and fun. You know acting of those iconic masters of cinema."

At the end of the interview, Saldanha gives his recommendations for those visiting his home country Brazil, especially in light of the country hosting the 2014 World Cup this summer.

"It's like China. It's a very big country. It's very warm and welcoming. And every part is different. Brazil has a beautiful nature. The people are very warm and welcoming. And it has a great cultural scene with music and the fun of joy of carnival. And things like that. It all depends on what people are looking for. If they are looking for something more quiet and more peaceful, you can go to a beach. You can go to a rainforest. You can go to all places. But if you are looking for a party, they will go to Rio and enjoy a carnival."

by Pingping Zhao

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