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      16. What are the rules for foreign shipping companies to set up their solely owned companies in China?
      17. What are the conditions for establishing Chinese-foreign equity and contractual joint venture medical institutions within Chinese territory?
      18. What are the rules for establishing foreign-funded commercial enterprises in China? (1)
      18. What are the rules for establishing foreign-funded commercial enterprises in China? (2)
      19. What are the regulations concerning taxes for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises engaged in consultation business?
      20. Are foreign businesses allowed to invest in cinemas? What are the relevant regulations?
Home Appliances

Gome Posts Stellar Profit Rise of 45%  08-18
Konka Reports Fast Sales Overseas  08-17
Changhong Reports 40% Drop in Net Profits 08-17
Haier Exports Up 41% in First Half Year 07-28
Work Begins on LCD Panel Factory 07-25
Gome Buys Rival China Paradise 07-25
Former Kelon Chairman Hit with Ban 07-17
Kelon Investors Sue over Accounts Fraud 07-07
Wind of Change in Air-conditioning Market 06-20
Markets and Foreign Brands Agree to Fight Fakes 06-08
Home Appliance Retail Sector Heats up  06-01
Carrefour to Open First Eco-friendly Store in China 05-29
Carrefour Plans to Hike Headcount 05-17
Gome Profit Up 22% in the First Quarter 05-11
Haier Net Profits Down 35.2% in 2005  05-09
Agreement Set to Lower Price of Projection TVs 04-28
Hisense to Take over Kelon for US$85 Mln  04-24
HK Housewares Fair Sees Emerging Asian Market 04-24
U.S. Store Saks to Open First China Store 04-21
LG Wants More Local Managers to Aid Growth  04-20
Output of China¨s Home Appliance Grows 21.77% 04-19
Wal-Mart to Open Outlet in Hainan 04-17
IKEA Opens New Beijing Store 04-13
Foreign Brands Watches as Status Symbols 04-06
EU May Slap Tariff back on Chinese TV Makers  03-31
Kelon Faces Uncertain Future 03-28
Nation Turns on to Digital Television 03-24
Gome`s Revenue Grew in 2005 on Fast Expansion 03-24
Flat-panel TV Export Up 520% in Jiangsu  03-13
TCL Plans Financial Joint Venture 03-13
Gome Plans to Expand Retail Chain 02-05
Toshiba Tunes into Flat Screen Market 02-05
Dell Tries China LCD TV Market 02-05
Appliance Retailers Seek Win-win Partnership 12-26
E-World`s UK Deal Surprises Industry 12-14
TCL Transfers 2 Subsidiaries to Legrand  12-14
Carrier Pledges Long-term Investment 11-24
Best Buy to Open First Lab Stores Next Year 11-23
Hisense in Kelon Buyout Manoeuvre 09-19
TCL Says August TV Sales Up 20% 09-19
Hisense Wins Bid for Kelon  09-13
JVs, Competition Push TCL into Red Figures 09-05
Profits of 47 Major Electronic Firms Drop 66%  09-05
Firms Respond Differently to EU Directives 09-05
Chongqing Iron Net Profit Falls 09-05
Gome Begins Collecting Used Home Appliances  08-18
CSRC: Kelon chief did wrong  08-04
EU bound electrical goods face tough tests 07-29
Appliance firm buys competitor  07-07
Oil reserves tapped to smooth prices  07-01
The Old Town of Pingyao
Pingyao is a small town in central Shanxi Province whose history goes back 2,700 years, when it was first built during the reign of King Xuan (827-782 BC) of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Until this very day, the town looks much the same as when it was the county seat of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Mount Lushan
Mount Lushan, located by the Poyang Lake, 36 kilometers south of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, covers an area of 350 square kilometers. At Lushan, towering peaks and dangerously steep cliffs on all sides surround a relatively gentle center.
   Business Potential
Dalian Development Zone
Dalian, known as Pearl of Far East, has been quickening its pace for urban development by attracting foreign capital in various fields. Here are details.
Shanghai Hongqiao Eco&Tech Development Zone
Hongqiao Development Zone is a new pattern of commercial area centered by foreign trade authorities, foreign trade promotion center, foreign trade companies and exhibition venues and high-rise office buildings.