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Guiyang Eco&Tech Development Zone

2004-09-17 14:38:09



  Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved as state-level deveopment zone on February 13th 2000. The zone now has a population of 149,000 and a developed area of 6.5 square kilometers.
  Geographical Location
  Guiyang Economic & Technological Development Zone is located in the southern Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province. It is the most concentrated industrial base for aeronautics and aerospace, machinery and electric processing in Guizhou province.
  Subtropical and wet monsoon climate with the annual temperature averaging about 15.3 centigrade and the annual rainfall averaging about 1200 milimeters. There is no severe coldness in winter, nor is there scorching hotness in summer.
  Communication and Transportation
  There are 8 main roads and branch lines in and out of the Development Zone, among them the high-grade southwest ring road is an important channel that goes through Guangdong and Guangxi to the Pacific Ocean. The Development Zone is only 5 kilometers from the city downtown, 10 kilometers from Guiyang 4-Degree International Airport. As for the Railway transportation, the Zone is only 2 kilometers from the South Station (largest organizing railway station in southwest China), 5 kilometers from the East Station (dealing with odd batches), 3 kilometers from the Passenger Station, and with West Station (dealing with whole-carriage transportation) right there in the Zone.
  Industrial Structure
  There has formed an industrial system on the basis of engineering machinery, motive power machinery, machine tools, electro-technical machines, accessories of planes, fittings for automobiles and motorcycles and industrial basic parts.
  Investment Priorities
  To seize the good opportunity in the Western Development Campaign, the Development Zone encourages the establishment within the Zone of such enterprises as with high technology, high economical profit, high additional value, and highly intensive technology. And these enterprises are supposed to be energy saving, water-saving, space saving, and without pollution. Special priority is due to the following industries: bio-engineering; IT enterprises; natural medicines, green foodstuff; photoelectron technology, and integrative photoelectric machinery equipment; aeronautic and astronautic technology and products; fine machinery, fine instruments, fine electric motors and appliances, household digital electric appliances; web management equipment production, computer software development; fine chemistry, new type materials, new type energy; parts and fittings for automobiles and planes; bionomics and environment protection technology and products.
  Administration Committee
  Tel: 86-851-3833531
  Fax: 86-851-3833198
  Website: (Chinese)
  (Source: Ministry of Commerce)

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