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Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)

2004-08-24 16:52:40




  BFSU, which is one of the most reputable universities in China, has won the name of a“garden university” with her attractive physical environment for learning in the Western suburbs of Beijing. The campus occupies an area of 304,553 square meters, with a student dorm area of 40,000 ㎡ and a library of 9997 ㎡. Other facilities on campus include an A-V Center, dinner halls, a university hospital, a stadium and tennis courts.
  BFSU was qualified for the first round of the competition in her efforts to enter the “ 211Project”, launched by the Ministry of Education in 1996. The initial success is a hallmark in the history of the development of BFSU. BFSU aims at developing into a world class university known for her excellence in language learning/research and multi-disciplinary studies and providing learning opportunities to cater the growing needs in the Chinese society for well-training and competent professionals with high levels of proficiency in foreign languages.
  Another 115 faculty members are recognized by the state for their academic performance and receive state subsidies. The faculty members at BFSU have scored fruitful results in teaching and research in their academic fields over the past decades. They have contributed to the training of qualified professionals well-versed in foreign languages and to the progress of BFSU’ s teaching, research and program development. Many of them have become leading figures in their academic fields and enjoy good reputation in the academic community.
  Beijing Foreign Studies University evolved from the Yan‘an School of Foreign Languages based on the Russian Language Unit of the Third Branch of the Chinese People’ s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College. The latter was established by the Chinese Communist Party in response to the development of the war against the Japanese invasion. Ever since her initiation, the Party Central Committee and the late Chinese leaders, including Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, has provided great care and teachings for the development of the university. BFSU has been China’ s principal base offering excellent training in foreign language learning and teaching. The university has turned out a large number of graduates with high levels of proficiency in foreign languages, who work in government departments of foreign relations or related areas since 1949. In her history of over half a century, Chinese leaders Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Chen Yi, Ye Jianying, Yang Shangkun, Liao Chengzhi, among others, have provided great care and guidance to the university. BFSU was affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from her establishment to the early 1980s and it is currently a key university under MOE.

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