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Beijing International Studies University

2006-11-16 19:12:02



  Welcome to BISU and Welcome to the Best
  Beijing International Studies University (BISU) was founded in 1964, for which Premier Zhou Enlai showed much concern. It is a nationwide renowned key comprehensive university of higher education and has developed into a multi-disciplinary university incorporating liberal arts, management, economics and law, with the specialties of foreign languages and tourism as its most distinguishing feature. Selecting students nationwide, the university takes it as its main task to train professionals proficient in foreign languages, tourism, economics, trade and finance, for the national economic construction and social advance.
  Besides the modern languages departments that teach English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, the university offers courses in a multiple of schools. They are The School of International Communication, The School of Law and Politics, The School of International Economics and Trade, The School of Tourism Management, The School of International Cultural Exchange, The School of Continuing Education, The School of International Education and The Academy of Tourism Development. And also the university has Institute for Transcultural Studies and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Institute. Following a policy of providing higher education for its students on a multi-level and-purpose basis, the university offers 18 specialties providing undergraduate programs. They are English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian, Korean, German, Portuguese, Chinese Language and Culture, International Politics, Law, Tourism Management, Journalism, Marketing, Finance Management, Finance and International Economics and Trade. The specialties of English, Japanese, Russian, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Enterprise Management, International Business, Tourism Management offer postgraduate programs. The specialties of Tourism Management and International Economics and Trade take in Second Bachelor’s degree students. Currently the university has an enrollment of more than 10,000 Chinese and 900 plus international students including postgraduate, undergraduate and language students.
   Beijing International Studies University benefits from its large team of experienced teachers of various professions. Among the 700 plus faculty members and experts, 40% are professors and associate professors or their equivalents and most of them have pursued further studies or worked for a degree abroad. Besides, the university keeps on its faculty 60-plus teachers from abroad.
   In addition, the university has multimedia language laboratories of various sizes, classrooms equipped with computers, and a satellite-TV reception system. Its library has a rich collection of books and periodicals. With the help of its audio-visual, microfilm viewing and on-line computer services, as well as a large reading-room, the library provides its users with up-to-date information on a wide range of subjects.
   Aware of the importance of international cooperation, Beijing International Studies University maintains exchange programs with more than 60 universities in Japan, the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Korea, Canada and etc. Each year, the university invites noted scholars from abroad to give lectures to its students. Students enjoy good conditions for their study, fieldwork and personnel exchange with other universities.
   With a garden-like campus, the university conveniently locates itself in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, adjoining the famous Beijing CBD (Central Business District).

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