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·40 million foreigners learning Chinese12-13
·Policies lure talents from abroad12-08
·2,000 Taiwan students apply for mainland postgraduates every year12-08
·Migrant workers can earn degrees12-08
·Chinese students excel in reading literacy: OECD12-08
·OECD report finds girls outdo boys in reading12-08
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Beijing International Studies University

It is a nationwide renowned key comprehensive university of higher education and has developed into a multi-disciplinary university incorporating liberal arts, management, economics and law, with the specialties of foreign languages and tourism as its most distinguishing feature.
Communication University of China
Founded in September 1954, CUC has successively developed into a comprehensive university of liberal arts, engineering, art, management, science, economics, law and education.CUC consists of 37 departments distributed in 12 colleges.CUC enjoys the leading position in the field of broadcasting research in China.