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How Chinese Dishes Were Named
China is a country that attaches great importance to names, honor, and prestige.

Manchu and Han Banquet
The Manchu and Han banquet was introduced during Emperor Kangxi¨s reign at the government house and official residence of the upper strata.

Jiangsu Cuisine

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  The main characteristics of Jiangsu cuisine:
  (1) Distinguished for exquisite ingredients, freshness and aliveness.
  (2) High cutting techniques.
  (3) Have a good command of duration and degree of heating and cooking.
  (4) Good at keeping the original taste one particular taste for one dish. All dishes have light, mellow and refreshing tastes. Yangzhou Cuisine is light and elegant; Suzhou Cuisine is slightly sweet; and Wuxi Cuisine is fairly sweet.
  (5) Pay great attention to soup, which is strong but not greasy, and delicious.
  Famous dishes: Butterfish in Creamy Juice, Santao Duck, Steamed Large Meatballs, Fragrant and Soft Silverfish, Crystal Pig`s Trotters, Steamed Hilsa Herring, King Bids Farewell to His Consort, etc. Well-known snacks include Dumplings with Juicy Crab Meat Filling, Noodles in Clear Soup, Jadeite Steamed Dumplings with the Dough Gathered at the Top, etc.
  Butterfish in Creamy Juice with Lotus Smell
  Butterfish is one of the three treasures hilsa herring, cutlass fish and butterfish from the Yangtze River. Butterfish in Creamy Juice with Lotus Smell features thick and tender fish meat, no fishbone, and a delicious taste.
  Caigen Large Meatballs
  Caigen Large Meatball is a representative of Huaiyang Cuisine. At the banquet to celebrate the founding of the People`s Republic of China, Premier Zhou Enlai entertained Chinese and foreign honored guests with this dish, which was spoken highly by guests. Though made of meat, this dish is not greasy, but delicious and refreshing.
  Crab Meat and Sea-bottom Pines
  As one of the local famous dishes of Nantong, this dish features a unique delicious and refreshing taste.


  Sanfengqiao Soy Sauce Spareribs
  Sanfengqiao Soy Sauce Spareribs, which is prepared with high-quality spareribs, and more than 20 natural precious seasonings, features a red and bright color, soft bones, tender meat, a slightly sweet taste. This dish has been well known at home and abroad.
  Pork Prepared with Fermented Bean Curd Juice
  First created by Jufengyuan Restaurant in Wuxi, this dish has a history of nearly 100 years. As a famous local dish, it has a red bright color, and a slightly sweet taste.

  Nanjing Dried and Pressed Duck Gizzard
  Nanjing has a history of over 200 years of producing salted and dried duck gizzards, which are easy to be carried about.
  Liuhe Pressed and Dried Beef
  Made with the meat from the front legs of oxen, Liuhe pressed and dried beef used to be a tribute

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