Tai-Chi: The Chinese 'Yoga'
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Yoga has been introduced into China and has become one of the most popular exercises for Chinese people nowadays.
In yogic exercises, breathing is supposed to be long and deep, and mouth be closed to inhale as well as exhale only through the nose. The most appropriate time for practicing yoga is in the morning, when the mind is calm, composed
and fresh and the body movements can be performed with considerable ease and vigor. It's well-known that yoga may help the exercisers to balance both the physical and mental systems, and provide pleasant solutions to the stress that so often fills our life as well.

While the ancient Indian practice serves as relaxation to both the Chinese and western young people, tai chi chuan enjoys the most popularity among the old with similar health benefits, and has widely spread as a part of Chinese Kungfu among the western countries.
Tai chi, similar with yoga, focuses on deep regulated natural breathing, relaxed frame of mind, and smooth circular movements. As the image of tai chi chuan is typified by exceedingly slow movement, some even call it a form of moving meditation and believe that it may help to bring about a state of mental calm and internal peacefulness. Research has actually shown that when Tai chi is practiced, it can enhance longevity in old age. I think that's explained why tai chi is so warmly welcomed by Chinese old people.

Though having developed more as health maintenance in Chinese popular culture, tai chi remains more as martial training or shadowboxing for professional athletes and foreigners. Generally, Tai chi chuan is classified as a form of traditional Chinese martial arts and considered as a soft style applied with internal power. It builds up the exercisers' vital energy and develops their stability, balance and leg strength.

All in all, many people in this day and age simply do not get enough exercise on a regular basis. Tai-chi as well as yoga can be a perfect means through which you can get the exercise you really
do need. And in Chinese philosophy, the principles of tai chi chuan practice can also be applied to
a kind of good lifestyle - a balanced, relaxed and of course healthy life.

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Tai-Chi: The Chinese 'Yoga'

Tai-Chi: The Chinese 'Yoga'

Tai-Chi: The Chinese 'Yoga'

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