Xianzai.com Chinese Emergency
Note: The spoken Chinese Mandarin language has 4 spoken tones. We have attempted to re-create those below where after each syllable we tell you (1), (2), (3), or (4) as they correspond to each of the 4 tones. We encourage you to complement your Xianzai.com Emergency Chinese newsletter with a good offline study program.


(1) Allergy: guo(4) min(3)

(2) Sneeze: da(3) pen(1) ti(4)

(3) Itch: yang(3)

(4) Pollen: hua(1) fen(3)

(5) Rash: pi(2) zhen(3)

(6) Antihistamine: kang(4) zu(3) an(1) ji(4) (for curing allergy)

(7) Health Insurance: jian(4) kang(1) bao(3) xian(3)

  • Doctor, I think I have an allergy. Can you help?
    dai(4) fu(1), wo(3) jue(2) de wo(3) guo(4) min(3) le. nin(2) neng(2) bang(1) mang(2) ma?
  • I cannot stop sneezing.
    wo(3) yi(4) zhi(2) zai(4) da(3) pen(2) ti(4).
  • Where can I buy some antihistamine?
    wo(3) zai(4) na(3) ke(2) yi(3) mai(3) dao(4) kang(4) zu(3) an(1) ji(4)?
  • I have a bad rash that is very itchy.
    wo(3) de(2) le pi(2) zhen(3), hen(3) yang(3).
  • Does this hospital accept my health insurance?
    zhe(4) jia(1) yi(1) yuan(4) jie(1) shou(4) wo(3) de jian(4) kang(1) bao(3) xian(3) ma?
* Tip: The onset of Spring in China brings with it myriad pollens, dust and pollution that can trigger allergies in travelers and locals alike.

Some people use white-colored doctor masks over their mouth and nose to keep most of the dust and pollen out.

If you are coming to China, bring all of your antihistamines and other allergy medications with you as buying them in China can be difficult. Always make sure your health insurance is up-to-date and valid for the places you want to visit.