60% of white collar workers over-fatigued
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The condition of Chinese white-collar workers on the mainland has received a bad prognosis with 60 percent over-fatigued and 76 percent in sub-health.

According to the "White Paper on the Health of Chinese White Collar Workers," high-income groups between the ages 35 and 50 are actually biologically ten years older than their actual age with a worsening health.

Eighty percent of white collar workers don't eat and sleep regularly and often feel tired. 23 percent miss breakfast. 20 percent eat fast food without a regular intake of enough fruit and vegetables. 54 percent don't sleep enough. 32 percent have bad sleep.

Only 46 percent of the "white collars" exercise sometimes. 20 percent feel lonely and 70 percent of them lack the feeling of accomplishment and happiness, the report said.

"Unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of younger cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. However, the report shows better awareness of health condition, where 68 percent of respondents consider it 'necessary' to do a health check regularly," said Hang Xiaohong, the head of Beijing Health Protection Association.

The report is based on the results of three million health checks conducted in 15 cities on the Chinese mainland.


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