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Flower girls for wedding ceremonies hard to find

2006-10-23 15:41:37



   Some newlywed couples have to use a "flower boy" instead of a flower girl. (File/Guangzhou Daily) Chinanews, Guangzhou, Oct. 23 – According to News Express, Mr. Long, a bridegroom in Guangzhou, was upset in recent days. After approaching all his friends and relatives, Long still could not find an appropriate flower girl for his wedding ceremony. "Everything else is in place except the flower girl. It seems that we have to 'borrow' a girl from a kindergarten," he said.

A "flower girl" is one who carries bride's wedding garment during a wedding ceremony. As many newlywed couples find they can't find flower girls this year. Some of them have to appeal to local kindergartens for help.

"More people intend to get married this year than last, for this year is the Year of the Dog, a lucky year according to Chinese lunar calendar. We are going to hold our wedding ceremony day after tomorrow, and yet we still have not been able to a flower girl for it. Children of all my relatives are boys, which makes me feel unbelievable," he said.

Why flower girls are hard to find? According to statistics of the 5th National Census, the male and female ratio of newly born babies in 2005 was 118.58: 100, and in Guangzhou, this ratio was 111.69:100, which is also higher than the normal ratio, 106-108:100. Experts believe the number of males aged between 20-49 will be 30 million higher than women of the same age in the 2040s.

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