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Go out before it gets too cold

As the wind picks up, the temperature begins to drop. Autumn is the most beautiful season, but it will disappear before people can fully appreciate it. So hurry up and find time in your schedule so that you can go out for a day or two to enjoy the fresh air. Time is short as it won't be long before the winter coldness sets in. Here to save you time we picked several special spots in the suburbs of Beijing and Shanghai to inspire you to go on an outing.


*Shidu (10 ferry ports)

Heading out to the Beijing suburbs for an autumn outing isn't limited to the mountains. A good place can also be one with water and beaches like Shidu, 10 ferry ports translated literally in English. People who have visited Shidu are always amazed by the romantic landscape of the mountains and rivers. They are not like North China's sharp rocky mountains, but like the gentle mountains in South China. Many people ride bamboo rafts here. Shidu also features many other distinctive activities. For 3 yuan, tourists can ride horses. There is also a local sheep farm people can visit to get a taste of the rural lifestyle.

Visitors who spend the night here can also take part in local bonfire parties. Those who want an adventure can also visit the caves here and see rare madrepore, stelae and stalactite, which are said to grow only one centimeter every 100 years.

How to get there: Go to Jingshi Express Way and get off at Yancun Exit. Take Jingzhoulu Road and head for Zhoukoudian. Turn left at Beiguan Island and follow the road signs.

*Xiangshui Lake

Located to the west of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, the scenic spot of Xiangshui Lake has ancient caves, springs and ponds, waterfalls and mountains. People who come here can either climb the Great Wall or enjoy visiting the various watch towers or go to nearby orchards picking fresh autumn fruits. If they have more time to appreciate the beautiful scenery, they can also put up a table by the river and play cards or mahjong.

Farming households here offer accommodation at inexpensive prices. A standard room is 40 yuan per day. Beds are 10 yuan per person. Tourists who pay 40 yuan can spend one night and have all three meals in the farm house. Hot water is available 24 hours.

Location: East of Dazhenyu Village, Bohai Township, Huairou County, Beijing Tel: 010-89602539 How to get there: get to Mutiaoyu Island, and head west for 8 kilometers.
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