Taking a pizza the action
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Taking a pizza the action

Most people think pizza originated in Italy, others say it was created in China. But staff at Serafino Pizzeria are adamant that Greece was the first home of the globally popular pizza.

The Beijing outlet, opened by Greek chef Christos Voudouris last year, features a decor harking distinctly to its Mediterranean homeland. Voudouris has been hand-making pizzas for nearly 30 years, and has owned four Greek restaurants, the latest located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Although the look is not very different, the making of a pizza at Serafino involved a special way of baking, according to a manager. The ingredients also differ, with more than 10 going into the tomato sauce alone.

The result is pizza that smells and looks tempting, lending the whole place a seductive aroma. The pizza is crisp at the sides, letting the topping droop as you pick up a slice. The taste is wonderful.

Popular options include Neptune, with mushroom, red onion, eggplant, avocado, smoked salmon, feta and barbequed peppers, and Athena and Venus, two vegetarian choices with mushroom, onion, dried tomatoes, spinach, or artichoke. Another popular pizza is Marinara, mixed seafood pizza with anchovies.

The restaurant also offers Italian pasta, and several typical Greek dishes. There is Meze, with rice and beef wrapped in vine leaf, squid rings and onion rings, and pita bread, matched with eggplant and yogurt sauce. Greek salad has olive, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber and vinaigrette. Besides that, there is moussaka, with layers of eggplant, beef, mashed potato, and tomato sauce.

The small restaurant has a smoking and non-smoking area. It is decorated in pleasant Greek blue and white. The walls have paintings of the God of Wine from Greek mythology, and typical Greek souvenirs.

Average spending is 100 yuan. A pizza will be ready in 15 minutes. Menu is in Chinese and English.

Location: 111-115, Silk Market No 2 Store, 14 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
Opening hours: 10am-2pm, 5-11pm
Tel: 010-6586-5837
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