Dedicated to exaltation of beer(1)
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Dedicated to exaltation of beer

Castle Oktober, a new restaurant and brew bar, is set to hold its grand opening celebrations from next Thursday through Sunday. The occasion will bring the fetishism and free-association usually reserved for wine to the exaltation of beer.

The quiet three-story establishment in a warm manor house may just be the ideal locale for brew lovers.

Fine food starts from fresh materials first; likewise, excellent beer is the result of professional brewing technology.

As one of the city's few restaurants that boasts its own home-made beers, Castle Oktober takes pride in its brews which display the authentic and original German flavor.

The restaurant imports everything beer-related from Germany, from the hops, the barley, malts, wheat, yeasts to the whole production line and brewing equipment, including the malt mill, brew kettle, lauter tun - it all came from Germany.

The beer is produced in the back garden in large copper stills. There's one light lager, one amber ale and one dark Guinness-esque pilsner.

Each day the mini-brewery can produce up to one ton of beer. It offers three kinds of brewed beer - Weiss beer, Pilsner beer and Dunkel beer.

"Our unique home brewed beer is made purely from grain with no additives," said the manager Claire Zhu. "It contains many nutritious ingredients which provide the necessary microzyme to stimulate the digestion and bring eight types of amino acid to the human body."

The restaurant also has a variety of beer-mixers on its menu including beer with green tea. There are also cocktails and even mutton soup.
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