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Last week, after three years of anticipation since the last installment in the legend of Peter Parker, the much awaited Spider-Man 3 burst onto the screen.

No one can resist the web spinning, wall-climbing superhero, and kids love to emulate the spandex-clad, skyscraper-jumping Spider-Man! My two-and-a-half-year-old nephew is so caught up in the craze that he's demanding everything Spidrman - even socks and underwear!Here is a guide to the top Spider-Man toys of the season.


Spider-Man statue

Spider-Man has been cast in plastic more time than any other Marvel comic superhero. This archive spotlights the latest innovations in Spider-Man toys.

Taken directly from this spring's Spider-Man 3, this 12-inch statue features the web-slinging wonder!

Price: 50 yuan
Available at: No 43, Xisi Bei Dajie, Xicheng

Spider-Man 3 adventure tent

I don't remember Spider-Man having a spider tent in the comics, cartoons or movies, but that probably doesn't matter for the eight-year-old adventurer. The tent assembles easily and compacts for easy storage.

Price: 168 yuan
Available at any Wumei Shopping Center

Spider-Man 3 wall hanger

Faced by a raging goblin and the nearly invulnerable Sandman, Spider-Man is more than happy to accept the new powers granted by his latest costume.

This super-articulated figure clings to the included wall-hanging web, which attaches easily to walls and windows. Add this highly detailed friendly neighborhood action figure to your collection.

Price: 45yuan
Available at: ourtoys.cn

Black-suit mask

In Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker has finally manage to strike a balance between his devotion to Mary Jane and his duties as a superhero. But when his suit suddenly changes, turning jet black and enhancing his powers, it transforms Peter as well.

Will Peter give in to his dark side and choose to wear the black Spider-Man suit forever? Either way, now you can add both Spidey masks to your collection with these scaled replicas.

Price: 85 yuan
Available at: 1F, Mingzhu Mansion, Xidan, Xicheng

Triple Blast Jet

Have a glimpse at these bizarre Spidey products. If Spider-Man needed better transportation than web slinging, he might like one of these. The sleek jet shoots webs and missiles to subdue bad guys.

A 5-inch-tall, poseable Spider-Man action figure completes the set. The toy delivers hours of fun and hands-on action for children looking to emulate their hero.

Price: US$44.99
Available at: Amazon.com

Authentic Spider-Man Costume

Wanna be the real Spider-Man? With this costume, you can have your chance. It is blue and red with a gray spider-web design and a black spider on the chest. The whole costume includes a raised, web-printed bodysuit, a pair of gloves and a mask that fits most adults.

Available in all sizes.
Price: 145 yuan
Available at: taobao.com
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