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Use credit cards for more gifts and discounts(1)
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Recently more and more people are buying with bank cards and credit cards, not just for the convenience, but also for the gifts and discounts. So in this season of sales, many banks are offering special deals for bank card and credit card users. Read on to find great deals for shopping with cards!


Buying gifts

Huaxia Bank

Until March 8th, 2007, If Huaxia bank card holders (including Liren, Zhizun Gold and all co-branded cards) use their card over 20 times, and spend an accumulated RMB10,000, their names will be entered in a draw for a free Sony digital camera worth RMB 4,999.

Industrial Bank

Until March 31st, 2007, if customers use their Industrial Bank credit cards over three times and spend over RMB99 each time, they will receive a free China Mobile rechargeable card worth RMB50 for regular card holders and RMB150 for Gold card holders.

China CITIC Bank

Until February 28th, 2007, China CITIC credit card holders can buy home appliances at certain stores (including Anzhen Gome, Sijiqing, Suning and Pengrun) on installment plans. They are also entitled to a free pig-shaped hand-warmer for every RMB1,500 purchase.

Guangdong Development Bank

Customers who use their bank cards six times for purchases of RMB199 or over will receive a free pig cushion worth RMB40. Customers who make over 6 purchases of over RMB599 or make two purchases worth RMB2,007 with their cards will receive a free Aigo Flashdisk worth RMB150. Customers that use their cards for six purchases of over RMB999 or their bank cards three times for purchases above RMB2,007 will receive an I-Fish digital pet worth RMB380.

Bank of Communications

Cooperating with the New World Department Store, the Bank of Communications has issued a kind of special card by which card users can exchange points on the card for shopping vouchers at the New World Department Store.

China Merchants Bank

From now to February 28th, 2007, China Merchants Bank will give presents to customers according to the times they use their cards. The more frequently customers use their cards, the higher their chances of winning a prize. The top 100,000 card users who withdraw over RMB100 will get a pair of 'Piggy Family' toys. The top 400,000 users that spend over RMB20 each time will receive a free pig toy.

China Everbright Bank

In the next four weeks, if you use one credit card at least once a week and the total is more than RMB 4,000, customers will receive a set of dishes and a fishing chair for free. If the total is more than RMB2,000, customers will receive a free home cleaner.
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