Lesson 3 What's Your Name?

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Yajie: Perfect Chinese your way, in only five minutes a day. Welcome to Chinese Studio, a brand new Chinese learning program on China Radio International. I'm Yajie.

Cam: Hello, every one. I'm Cam. This daily show will teach Chinese at an elementary level. Yajie, last time we learned how to introduce ourselves and our friends. Now I'm wondering how to ask one's name, nationality or where they are from?

Yajie: Well. In order to solve these problems, first let's listen to” Key Words of the day”.

***************Key Words of the Day

Yajie: In our previous programs we learnt how to pronounce the Chinese character 你 (nǐ), which is similar to the English word knee, k n e e , but 你is the third tone.  today we'll teach you another one: 您. Just add an “n” after 你 (nǐ). 您, the second tone. Cam? Can u say it?

Cam: 您.

Yajie: good . 您 is the polite form of你. As we know that China is renowned for its  protocol and politeness.您好,请问,您贵姓?How are you? May I ask your name please? 请 means please. 问means ask, which is similar to the English word when.

Cam: 您好,请问? 请has the third tone, 请. And问 is the fourth tone, right?

Yajie: Exactly. 您叫什么名字?What's your name? 什么, what. 名字, name.

Yajie: 您叫什么名字?What's your name? 什么, what. 名字, name.

Conversation 1 Ms Lee is on the phone, looking for a manager of a company. The manager's secretary answers the phone. 


Conversation 2 in the hotel a waitress is asking for the guest's name



Cam: Yajie, Can I ask one's nationality in Chinese? 

Yajie: Listen Carefully: 您好。您是哪国人?Literally means hello, you are from which country?
哪, where. 哪. The pronunciation of哪 is similar to the latter part of the English name Tina. But in Chinese it's the third tone. 国is short for the word 国家, country. 人, person. 您好。您是哪国人?cam, it's your turn.

Cam: 您好。您是哪国人?

***************Key Words Reminder:
您好,请问,您贵姓?Hello. Please may I ask your name?/您好。您是哪国人?我是英国人。Hello. Could you please tell me where you are from? I'm British. /您好,您是哪儿的人?Hello. Where you are from?

Cam: Thank you, Yajie. I think I can now introduce myself and my Chinese friends and ask a couple of simple questions. Well , you can win a CRI gift by answering the question: 您好。您是哪国人?If you couldn't write Chinese characters, the Chinese alphabet or pinyin will also do.

Cam: Well, class is over. This is Cam saying goodbye.

Yajie: This is Yajie, Hope you join us tomorrow on China Radio International. See you then.


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