678道冬奥菜品发布!Beijing Winter Olympics provides 678 dishes to athletes  

China PlusPublished: 2021-11-15 15:54:37
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[File photo: CFP]

The hospitality (好客 hàokè) of the Chinese people will be fully enjoyed by global athletes (运动员 yùndòngyuán) at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as 678 dishes (菜品 càipǐn) will be provided to athletes from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The menu (菜单 càidān), which has 678 dishes from 12 global regions, was released on Saturday. It is to meet the different dietary needs of athletes while also taking into consideration religious diversity.

In response to the need for the prevention of COVID-19, face masks, gloves, alcohol cotton pads and hand-washing disinfectants will be placed at the entrances and exits of all the restaurants and at the food distribution areas.

[File photo: CFP]

Key words 重点词汇:

菜<名词 n.>

Dish; course

Nǐ juéde zhè dào cài zěnmeyàng?


How do you like this dish?

Vegetable; greens

Tāde érzi bù xǐhuan chī cài.


Her son doesn't like eating vegetables.

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