The 2nd Cross-Straits Cloud Exhibition of Excellent Documentaries and Cartoons Opened

Published: 2022-09-19 16:02:52
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In order to strengthen the communication and cooperation in the audiovisual field across the Taiwan Straits and promote the friendship between the people on both sides, The Chinese Association for Radio, Film and Television Exchanges and Taiwan Visual and Audio Production Association jointly organized the first Cross-Straits Cloud Exhibition of excellent documentaries and cartoons last year. They have worked together, holding “the 2nd Cross-Straits Cloud Exhibition of Excellent Documentaries and Cartoons ” from September 8th to October 31st.

The 2nd Cross-Straits Cloud Exhibition of Excellent  Documentaries and Cartoons Opened

The 2nd Cross-Straits Cloud Exhibition of Excellent  Documentaries and Cartoons Opened

Covid-19 epidemic outbreak caused great impact on film and television industry, and many audiovisual companies and organizations on both sides encountered unprecedented difficulties. However, they have showed great enthusiasm for this year’s cloud exhibition and actively participated in it. At this cloud exhibition, 233 films and clips (3081 episodes) from 93 companies, universities and organizations have been shown, including 181 films and clips from 76 companies, universities and organizations in China’s mainland, 43 films and clips from 14 companies and organizations in Taiwan and 9 films and clips from TV and Broadcast stations in Hong Kong. It is the first time that TV stations from Hong Kong participated in the exhibition, which has enhanced the affection and joy for the Mid-Autumn Festival on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

This exhibition covers various themes and multiple dimensions, from the natural scenery, gourmet food, intangible cultural heritage, family life, social governance, biographies, ecological protection, rural landscape, etc. All the exhibited films and clips show the life and brotherhood of the people across the straits, expressing a sense of belonging towards the Chinese culture for the people across the straits who have the same ancestors and speak the same language.

The exhibition will be held simultaneously on the websites of the sponsors The Chinese Association for RadioFilm and Television Exchanges (http://www.carfte.cn) and Taiwan Visual and Audio Production Association, and on the websites as well as Facebook and Youtube accounts of the co-organizers China Pavilion (www.chinapavilion.com.cn), China Beijing International Audiovisual Conference (https://www.ciac.org.cn/), Fujian Provincial Administration of Radio and Television, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Film Academy, Youku, Migu, Tencent, etc. Viewers can log on to the cloud exhibition website http://yunzhanlan2022.e.cn.vc/ or the above mentioned websites to enjoy the exhibition.

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