Reform accentuated at "two sessions" to bolster vitality against challenges

Published: 2024-03-08 08:42:58
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He stated that entrepreneurs remain optimistic despite the unprecedented changes facing the world. "In the new era, a series of reform measures have brought greater opportunities for business development and improved people's livelihoods."

For example, a series of measures for the integrated development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have created more development opportunities for enterprises.

"I believe that by fully unleashing the dividends of reform, Shenzhen will continue to provide fertile soil for entrepreneurs," Chen added.

Gao Zicheng, an NPC deputy and president of the All China Lawyers Association, highlighted the significance of private enterprises as vital driving forces for China's high-quality development and active contributors to deepening reforms.

Yuan Da, a senior official with the National Development and Reform Commission, recently stated that it is necessary to accelerate the legislative process of promoting the development of the private economy.

Gu Junyan, a national political advisor and vice mayor of Baise, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that work must be done to continuously optimize the business environment, increase policy support, improve the efficiency of government services, build a cordial and clean relationship between government and business, and timely solve the difficulties faced by enterprises.


China's reform agenda has focused on deepening structural reforms across various domains, such as promoting scientific innovation.

The government's approach involved consolidating efforts to bolster the innovation ecosystem, aligning policies with national strategies, and nurturing talent to support critical technological advancements.

Anhui Forklift Group, with over 60 years of history, has been a strong player in the global industrial vehicle industry, thanks to its efforts to develop personalized and differentiated products through continuous technological innovation.

In 2023, the company further attuned its strategy to new energy, with electric products accounting for approximately 57 percent of the total, an increase of 6.2 percentage points from 2022. It also took the lead in launching a variety of hydrogen fuel forklift products and applied for 23 related patents.

Yang Anguo, the group's chairman and general manager, attributed the performance last year to an emphasis on technological innovation, the transformation toward high-end, intelligent and green production, and the magic of new quality productive forces.

China's path of reform has entered a new phase of solid progress, marked by a series of strategic policies and measures aimed at fortifying the nation's resilience and competitiveness on both domestic and global fronts.

With a multifaceted approach pning economic restructuring, technological innovation and institutional reform, China's reform agenda reflects a commitment to propelling the nation toward sustainable growth and high-quality development.

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