EP174 马上 Right Away

China PlusPublished: 2019-02-22 10:18:14
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EP174马上 Right Away

Chinese 101: How to say “I’ll be right there”

Grammar: Expressing "about to" with "jiuyao";“马上”and “就”

Language Tips:Useful Chinese Phrases to Say When You’re Running Late

Song:《我在未来等你》by 好妹妹乐队

Words & Expressions:

【电影】diàn yǐng: movie

【快】kuài: quick

【到】dào: arrive

【开始】kāi shǐ

【等】děng: wait

【一下】yí xià: one time, at once

【马上】mǎ shàng: right away

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