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Orbit E-Commerce and PureNet.TV Partner With United Wireless Ltd. in China(1)

2006-10-23 10:52:49


   TORONTO, Oct. 23 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Orbit E-Commerce Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: OECI), in conjunction with its major shareholder, PureNet.TV Canada Inc., today announced the signing of an agreement with United Wireless Ltd. to form a Joint Venture for the purpose of delivering Internet Protocol Television ("IPTV") products and services to United Wireless‘ 15 million subscribers in major cities across the Peoples Republic of China ("PRC").

   Under the agreement, United Wireless will provide government licenses and permits to deliver IPTV services in the largest cities in China. The Joint Venture Company will have immediate access to approximately 15 million subscribers through its 3,000 corporate and institutional clients in China.

   To put this agreement in perspective, there are currently more than 123 million Internet users, over 10% of the population of China, including 77 million DSL broadband subscribers (projected to reach 140 million by 2010). Mr. Ping Cheng, CEO of United Wireless states, "The partnership with PureNet and OECI will enable United Wireless and its partners to quickly establish itself as the leading provider of digital television products and services in the world‘s largest and fastest growing market through its 15 branch offices in China."

   In commenting on the signing of the Agreement with United Wireless, Douglas C. Lloyd, President and CEO of OECI and PureNet said today that, "We are pleased to partner with United Wireless to establish a digital IPTV business, especially in a country where there are no digital cable television or satellite services available. This is an excellent opportunity for OECI and PureNet to deliver on a digital IPTV system that the companies have spent the past few years researching and developing. We take great pride in having established a close relationship with one of the most important media organizations in China. The companies are excited about the attitude of our partners and their state sponsors, who have determined that digital IPTV is the most effective means of distributing video content and are now making every effort to expedite the deployment of our technology within the next sixty days in China."

   About United Wireless Ltd.

   United Wireless, a Zhejiang Company affiliate, , is a registered company with the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shenzhen Municipality. Zhejiang is a twenty-year-old ISO9001 certified manufacturer of award winning high tech products and is recognized by the Ministry of Information Industry software enterprises and by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province for outstanding products. The company also received a triple AAA credit rating award from the People‘s Bank of China. Growing rapidly, United Wireless, with over 300 employees, now serves more than 3,000 corporate and institutional clients and over 15 million individual subscribers through its 15 branches and representative offices across the PRC. United Wireless is one of the implementation units of the China Torch Program and is a software enterprise recognised by the Ministry of Information Industry of the PRC. Recently, the Company entered into a two year co-operation agreement with the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to carry out intelligence technology reform in the main elementary, junior and senior high schools of the Shanghai Municipality. More information is available at the company‘s web site: .

   About Orbit E-Commerce Inc.

   Orbit E-Commerce Inc. was established for the purpose of capitalizing on management‘s vision and expertise in the field of Internet-based communications systems, products, and services. OECI recently announced the acquisition of the IPTV business of PureNet.TV which will allow OECI to extend its communications vision and expertise into the market for IPTV video/internet services which is poised to experience rapid growth. More information about OECI is available at the company‘s web site: .

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