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      16. What are the rules for foreign shipping companies to set up their solely owned companies in China?
      17. What are the conditions for establishing Chinese-foreign equity and contractual joint venture medical institutions within Chinese territory?
      18. What are the rules for establishing foreign-funded commercial enterprises in China? (1)
      18. What are the rules for establishing foreign-funded commercial enterprises in China? (2)
      19. What are the regulations concerning taxes for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises engaged in consultation business?
      20. Are foreign businesses allowed to invest in cinemas? What are the relevant regulations?

Global IT spending to rebound in 2010: report12-27
UAE's Dubai, Luxembourg aim to cooperate in financial services12-27
EU incoming trade commissioner say no to carbon tariffs12-27
JAL secures quota of retiree approval for pension cuts12-27
China to raise deposit reserve requirement ratio by 0.5 percentage points12-27
U.S. Federal Reserve posts record profit in 200912-27
U.S. stocks fall after disappointing Alcoa results, rising deficit12-27
World carmakers battle for green leadership12-27
Bitters shortage causes panic in New York bars12-27
China seeks clarity on Google's intentions12-27
Incoming employment commissioner says creating more jobs top priority for EU12-27
World Bank to provide additional $100 mln to Haiti12-27
Financial, technology sectors lift Wall Street higher12-27
U.S. Fed survey says economic recovery is broader12-27
China's move to raise bank reserve ratio draws global response12-27
Obama proposes fee on major financial firms12-27
Economic stability boosts CIC12-27
China's top securities regulator ironing out nitty-gritties12-27
IMF, South Korea to co-host high-level international conference in Seoul12-27
JPMorgan Chase fourth quarter profit beats estimate12-27
Crude prices fall for fifth straight day12-27
London Metal Exchange hits second highest trading volume in 200912-27
Hainan to halt land development approval on speculation concerns12-27
China automaker Geely inaugurates assembly line in Russia12-27
Shanghai sees further recovery in foreign trade last month12-27
Rates hike, all about timing for U.S. Fed12-27
Mazda, Ford to dissolve JV12-27
Reserve ratio move may pull yuan up12-27
SAIC boosts wholly owned brands11-27
China encourages private investment in publishing business11-27
Italy to see very slow economic recovery11-27
More than half Americans spend less money in stores11-27
CICC named top underwriter for China's IPOs11-27
Bernanke vows to strengthen financial regulation to prevent new crisis11-27
Japanese gov't not to allow double-dip recession: PM11-27
U.S. imposes duties on imports of wire decking from China11-27
Crude prices rise for ninth straight day11-27
Three U.S automakers report double-digit sales drops for 200911-27
China's power consumption grows 6% in 200911-27
China to continue promoting inbound, outbound investment11-27
China's central bank to use policy tools to manage inflation, property risks11-27
U.S. online holiday sales increase 4 percent11-27
U.S. Fed sees economic activity gaining momentum11-27
Schwarzenegger vows to create more jobs11-27
Ford vehicle sales in China up 44% in 200911-27
China's power generation goes greener with total capacity up 10%11-27
Japan's new finance minister calls for weaker yen11-27
EU conditionally approves Kraft bid for Cadbury11-27
Stop importing Chinese goods not in U.S. consumers' benefit: economist11-27
Wall Street trades mixed as investors await key employment data11-27
The Old Town of Pingyao
Pingyao is a small town in central Shanxi Province whose history goes back 2,700 years, when it was first built during the reign of King Xuan (827-782 BC) of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Until this very day, the town looks much the same as when it was the county seat of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Mount Lushan
Mount Lushan, located by the Poyang Lake, 36 kilometers south of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, covers an area of 350 square kilometers. At Lushan, towering peaks and dangerously steep cliffs on all sides surround a relatively gentle center.
   Business Potential
Dalian Development Zone
Dalian, known as Pearl of Far East, has been quickening its pace for urban development by attracting foreign capital in various fields. Here are details.
Shanghai Hongqiao Eco&Tech Development Zone
Hongqiao Development Zone is a new pattern of commercial area centered by foreign trade authorities, foreign trade promotion center, foreign trade companies and exhibition venues and high-rise office buildings.