Historical Sites

·Antiques unearthed from national project 04-09
·Tomb of First Emperor‘s Grandmother Unearthed  08-17
·Museum of Dabaotai Han Tomb  08-16
·Tibetan Tourism Office Advises Delaying Trips 08-15
·Sites to Be Nominated for World Heritage List 08-14
·Survey Fnds 646 Hritage Stes in Bao’an 06-09
·Imperial Palace Becomes Famous Brand 06-08
·500 Relics Uncovered During Great Wall Survey 06-06
·New System Urged to Manage Heritage Sites  06-06
·Cultural Relics Gallery 05-22
·Archaeological Glossary(一) 05-22
·Archaeological Glossary (二) 05-22
·Archaeology from the Song to the Ming 05-22
·Top 10 Sites Shed Light on Multi-culture  05-22
·Oracle Bone Inscriptions from the Dawn of History 05-19
·Archaeology from the Qin to the Tang 05-19
·The Archaeology of the Three Dynasties 05-19
·Progress for Plentiful Paleolithic Archaeology 05-19
·Origins and Development of Archaeology in China 05-19
·Mount Wuyi 05-19
·Dazu Rock Carvings 05-19
·Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System 05-19
·The Summer Palace  05-19
·Yungang Grottoes in Datong, Shanxi Province 05-19
·Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan 05-19
·The Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom 05-19
·The Historic Center of Macao 05-19
·Emperor’s Favorite Garden Restored in Forbidden City 05-17
·Cities’ New Efforts to Protect Historic Sites 05-16
·Top 10 Sites Shed Light on Multi-culture  05-12
·Penglai: Fairyland in the East 05-09
·Forbidden City Hall to Regain Supreme Harmony 04-04
·ROK’s TV Hit to Showcase Macao’s World Heritage 04-03
·Xi‘an Museum of Neolithic Relics to Reopen 02-13
·Gold, Silver Porcelains in Liao Dynasty Discovered 12-16
·Massacre Museum Extension Project Begins Work 12-15
·Grand Gate of 1,300-year-old Palace Discovered 12-05
·Tomb of Li Dazhao 11-25
·Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling 11-25
·1,700-year-old Glass Discovered in East China 11-21
·Great Wall to Be Remeasured 11-18
·Yin Ruins Applied for World Culture Heritage 09-22
·Huge Porcelain Pit Discovered  09-02
·WWII Resource Map Found  08-19
·Ancestral Temple Better Protected 08-15
·Tibetan Tourism Welcomes Its Golden Season 08-05
·Facelift of Potala Palace Square Finished  08-01
·Beijing Seeks to Up Heritage Sites  06-10
·Historic Sites Open for Free in Shanghai  05-17
·Suzhou‘s No. 1 Street 04-13

Gong Li: third time for Hollywood
Acclaimed Chinese actress Gong Li will soon head to North America to start promoting her next film, the Hollywood thriller "Hannibal Rising," to be released globally on Feb. 9. Shanghai Youth Daily says around 6,500 copies will be prepared for the film's worldwide premiere. The 41-year-old actress plays the role of Lady Murasaki in the film, which is a prequel to "Silence of the Lambs."

Study: 9 to 12 year-old 'vulnerable period' for girls
Doctors say the time between the ages of nine and 12 seems to be a "particularly vulnerable period" for girls.That's because girls are more likely to become overweight in those years than they are as teenagers, doctors reports in Monday's Journal of Pediatrics .

U.S. launches fresh attack in Somalia

The United States launched a fresh air strike on Tuesday in southern Somalia, close to the place where the U.S. military struck against targets suspected of al-Qaeda operations a day earlier, reports reaching here said.