A Treasured Past

Spain's Hercules Tower enters World Heritage List with Swiss watch-making towns03-21
Belize Barrier Reef, Colombia's Los Katios Park on UNESCO's Danger List03-21
Peru's sacred city added to World Heritage List03-21
Coupon collection: memory of an era03-21
Mt Songshan fails to enter World Heritage list03-21
UNESCO's world heritage list grows03-21
Dinosaur fossils reveal new secrets03-21
World Heritage session concludes, challenges remain03-21
Austrian scientists find witnesses of Neolithic human habitation in Himalaya03-21
China recruits experts to restore Tang Dynasty relics in U.S.03-21
Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs in race of new world "Seven Wonders"03-21
Hyde Park memorial to London bombing victims03-21
Chinese archaeologists sketch out layout of KublaiKhan's capital03-21
Crocodile fossil found in Brazil03-21
Part of Jin Dynasty Great Wall damaged in NE China03-21
Indian gov't takes steps towards heritage preservation before development03-21
Singapore launches festival to celebrate multi-cultural heritage03-21
Archeologists report new findings at terracotta army site03-21
Dominoes remember the fall of Berlin Wall03-21
Demolition of historic homes raises questions about Beijing's development03-21
China to expand "Peking Man" site, build new museum03-21
Dawn of ancient town Xitang03-21
Snapshots of water town Xitang03-21
Virtual elder rekindles hope for revival of Canadian aboriginal language03-21
Security systems being built for world cultural heritage site in NW.China's Gansu03-21
S Korea pushes for intellectual property right protection on traditional food03-21
Archeologists renew studies at hominoid dig sites in SW China03-21
China building new conservation center to safeguard ancient frescos03-21
8,000-year-old skeleton discovered in S Turkey03-21
2 newly discovered works attributed to Mozart03-21
Rhymes of the times03-21
Israel to register antiquities collections held by general public03-21
Senior official calls for use of cultural heritage to promote patriotism03-21
China's famous Forbidden City to open new souvenirs center03-21
Ancient ruins proving historic succession uncovered in Lebanon03-21
Second World War seaplane wreckage found in eastern Canada03-21
Cambodia to register 12th century temple as World Heritage Site03-21
Singing praises to a friend03-21
Bayon Information Center opens in Siem Reap, Cambodia03-21
Keeping ethnic tradition alive: Primi performance03-21
Potala Palace's treasure hall opens to visitors03-21
Terracotta Warriors not Emperor Qin's?03-21
Chinese traditional art loses youth03-21
Int'l conference held for conservation of Cambodian Prasat Banteay Chmar03-21
China's Great Wall "cut into" Canadian star guitarist's hit album03-21
Egyptians pay tribute to pyramids03-21
Crosstalk magic leaves crowds delirious03-21
5th revision of Confucius Pedigree released03-21
Archaeologists find roman emperor birthplace03-21
Indian minister to discuss buying Gandhi house in S Africa03-21

Gong Li: third time for Hollywood
Acclaimed Chinese actress Gong Li will soon head to North America to start promoting her next film, the Hollywood thriller "Hannibal Rising," to be released globally on Feb. 9. Shanghai Youth Daily says around 6,500 copies will be prepared for the film's worldwide premiere. The 41-year-old actress plays the role of Lady Murasaki in the film, which is a prequel to "Silence of the Lambs."

Study: 9 to 12 year-old 'vulnerable period' for girls
Doctors say the time between the ages of nine and 12 seems to be a "particularly vulnerable period" for girls.That's because girls are more likely to become overweight in those years than they are as teenagers, doctors reports in Monday's Journal of Pediatrics .

U.S. launches fresh attack in Somalia

The United States launched a fresh air strike on Tuesday in southern Somalia, close to the place where the U.S. military struck against targets suspected of al-Qaeda operations a day earlier, reports reaching here said.