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'Curse,' 'The Banquet' picked as Oscar entries

2006-10-03 11:36:47


   (Source: AP) HONG KONG, Oct.3 - China has chosen Zhang Yimou's "Curse of the Golden Flower" to represent the country in the Academy Awards best foreign film race, while Hong Kong has picked Feng Xiaogang's "The Banquet."

"Curse," which revolves around ancient Chinese imperial politics, was selected by a committee set up by China's Film Bureau, the Chinese news Web site reported.

"Curse" stars Chow Yun-fat, Gong Li and Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou.

Meanwhile, Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong Chairman Crucindo Hung said an 11-member committee of the federation picked Chinese director Feng's "The Banquet" as the territory's entry.

A former British colony now ruled by China, Hong Kong is promised significant autonomy from the mainland, and Chinese film regulators don't have jurisdiction in Hong Kong.

"The Banquet," inspired by "Hamlet" and starring Zhang Ziyi, is a Hong Kong-China co-production.

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