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How Chinese Dishes Were Named
China is a country that attaches great importance to names, honor, and prestige.

Manchu and Han Banquet
The Manchu and Han banquet was introduced during Emperor Kangxi’s reign at the government house and official residence of the upper strata.

Dining Out

·Century-old Western-style Restaurant Reopens 
·Dining Out in Dalian (American to Chinese) 
·Dining Out in Dalian (Italian to Seafood) 
·Dining Out in Guangzhou (American to Cantonese) 
·Dining Out in Guangzhou (Chaozhou to Hunan) 
·Dining Out in Guangzhou (Indian to Japanese) 
·Dining Out in Guangzhou (Jiangxi to Russian) 
·Dining Out in Guangzhou (Seafood to Taiwanese) 
·Dining Out in Guangzhou (Thai to Yunnan) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (American to Beijing) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Beijing to Cantonese) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Chaozhou & Continental) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Dongbei to German) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Greek to Indian) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Irish & Italian) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Japanese)  
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Japanese, cont‘d) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Korean to Portugese) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Shanghai to Sichuan) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Sichuan to Thai) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Vegetarian to Yangzhou) 
·Dining Out in Shanghai (Yunnan) 
·Dining out in Beijing (African to Brazilian) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Cantonese to Dongbei) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Dumplings to Fusion) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (German to Indian) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Italian & Japanese) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Japanese to Mexican) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Middle Eastern to Russian) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Shanghai to Singaporean) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Spanish to Vegetarian) 
·Dining Out in Beijing (Vietnamese to Zhejiang) 
·Li’s Stockade 
·Giant Moon Cake for Mid-autumn Day 
·First Store Gets HACCP Certificate 
·Family Chefs Cook up Dining Delights 
·Chinese Loosen Belts as Restaurants Boom  
·Hot Summer, Cool Tips 
·Beijing to Build International Food Street 
·Baiquan Courtyard 
·Spring Barbecue 
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