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KFC to use less harmful oil
KFC Corp. will cook its Kentucky fried chicken in oil with less harmful fat, amid concerns that New York City is trying to ban artery-clogging trans fat in the city's eateries.

Vegetables make your mind sharp?
High consumption of vegetables -- particularly green, leafy ones --?rather than fruit will protect your brain against decline in thinking ability in old age.

Hunan Cuisine

2004-09-29 16:54:43


Hunan Cuisine

Hunan Cuisine has three characteristics:
1. Skilful use of a kitchen knife, a delicious taste and a beautiful shape.
2. Known for sour and spicy dishes by adding various kinds of seasonings.
3. Adopting a wide variety of techniques.

Hunan Cuisine

Famous dishes: Spicy Young Chicken, Fried Fish Slices, Steamed Soft-Shell Turtle, Steamed Cured Meat, Huofang Whitebait, Dongting Fat Fish Maw, Jishou Sour Meat, Oily and Spicy Tender Bamboo Shoots, and Chinese Chestnuts and Hearts of Cabbages.
Well-known Snacks: Huogongdian Fried, Fermented Bean Curd, Sisters‘ Glutinous Rice Balls, Xiangtan Roll, Hengyang Pailou Tangyuan (stuffed balls made of glutinous rice flour served in soup), Shrimp Cake, Rice Tea, etc.

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