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How Chinese Dishes Were Named
China is a country that attaches great importance to names, honor, and prestige.

Manchu and Han Banquet
The Manchu and Han banquet was introduced during Emperor Kangxi’s reign at the government house and official residence of the upper strata.

Guizhou Cuisine

2004-09-29 13:49:52


  Chefs of Guizhou are good at using peppers to prepare hot and fragrant dishes, some of which are very famous, such as Stir-fried Diced Chicken with Chilli and Peanuts, different kinds of hot pots and Changwang noodles. The Guizhou people rank first in the country in eating peppers, with special processing procedures and unique taste.
  Guizhou Cuisine is also known for sour dishes. There is a folk saying: "Without eating sour dish for three days, folks will stagger forward with weak legs." Each family in Guizhou makes sour pickles which can help promote the secretion of saliva, whet the appetite and digest food. Sour pickles are good ingredients for preparing hot pot, with a special sour smell. Famous sour dishes include Sour Pickles and the Uppermost Part of a Pork Leg, and Hot Pot with Sour Soup.
  Guizhou offers a wide variety of hot pots. such as Huajiang Dog Meat Hot Pot, Kaili Fish Hot Pot with Sour Soup, and Guiyang Green Pepper Young Chicken Hot Pot, each having its own strong local flavor. Guizhou hot pots enjoy a high reputation in the country became of meticulously selected ingredients, and a unique smell because of an excellent combination of various main and supplementary ingredients and seasoning. After the pot is boiled, a sweet smell greets people.

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