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How Chinese Dishes Were Named
China is a country that attaches great importance to names, honor, and prestige.

Manchu and Han Banquet
The Manchu and Han banquet was introduced during Emperor Kangxi¨s reign at the government house and official residence of the upper strata.

Teahouses in Beijing

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  Laoshe Teahouse
  3 Xida Street Qianmen, Xunwu District
  Bai Cao Yuan Teahouse
  22a Gaoliangqiaoxie Street, Haidian District
  Canglangting Teahouse
  5 Zhichun Rd., Haidian District
  HongLu Teahouse
  38 Haidian Rd., Haidian District
  Jiamu Teahouse
  5 Xipenglan Rd., Haidian District
  Laoshe Teahouse
  3 Xida Street Qianmen, Xunwu District
  Minglu Teahouse
  35-10 Zhixin Rd.,Haidian District
  Mingxiangtai Teahouse
  8a Xinwaida Street, Xicheng District
  Saint`s Alp
  Dapaifang Chengfu Rd.
  Simingzhai Teahouse
  19-1 Haidian Rd.
  Tianming Teahouse
  3 Fangxingyuanerqu,Fangzhuangxiaoqu

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