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British swimmer plans record cold North Pole swim
New Beijing Subway Line Undergoes Test Run

Angler Catches Large Fish

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Chinese state leaders offer condolences to Run Run Shaw01-10
China donates solar energy kit systems to Rwanda01-10
China urges South Sudan's warring sides to start peace talks01-07
Xuelong stands ready to break through in 48 hours01-07
Procuratorate stresses privacy for minor criminal defendants01-07
China's ambassador to Jordan condemns Abe's shrine visit01-06
15th Chinese navy escort fleet leave Kenya01-06
Gov't campaign to ensure migrant workers' wages01-06
First photos of Liaoning battle group made public01-02
China's aircarft carrier returns from S China Sea voyage01-02
HK police arrests two locals forcing into PLA's barracks01-02
China to strengthen cooperation with Vietnam: Chinese FM12-31
Chinese President attends opera gala12-31
China Voice: Enshrining war criminals goes beyond bilateral politics12-31
China unveils tighter regulation on infant formula producers12-25
China urges end to hostilities in South Sudan12-25
China, Malaysia eye closer military cooperation12-25
Political advisors want better pollution control12-25
China Focus: China promotes core socialist values12-24
China deliberates adjusting one-child policy12-24
CPC anti-decadence campaign hammers clubbing12-24
Killer parcel prompts tougher oversight of courier service12-23
Chinese Mission to EU slams U.S. congressman's espionage remarks "ridiculous"12-23
Navy: Liaoning's combat capability tested12-23
China marks 100th birth anniversary of late vice premier12-21
Heavy snow leaves one dead, over 5,000 evacuated in Xinjiang12-21
China to start pilot system of name-based train ticket12-21
China "strongly" urges U.S. to immediately stop arms sales to Taiwan12-21
Hu Jintao underlines improvement on fiscal, taxation systems12-21
Highway pileup kills five in central China12-21
Three Gorges' underground power station to start operation in 201112-21
China might become top world exporter, but weakness remains12-21
China's 2009 foreign trade falls 13.9% to $2.21 trln with surplus at $196.1 bln12-21
China's 2009 fiscal revenue expected to surpass $1 trillion: Minister12-21
China rolls out fresh measures for property market amid rising house prices12-21
China pulls through int'l financial crisis with determination12-21
China, Saudi Arabia convenes 4th joint meeting on economy, trade12-21
East China coast sees worst sea ice in three decades12-21
Chinese courts equipped with anti-corruption supervisors12-21
China presents awards to outstanding scientists12-21
Chinese FM calls for strengthening of new Sino-African strategic partnership12-21
China's top legislator pledges parliamentary exchanges with Thailand12-21
Coal shortage, electricity rationing continue in China as cold weather lingers12-21
China pilots name-based train ticket sales during Spring Festival traffic rush12-21
China warns of intensive milk powder import12-21
Picture exhibition marks 60th anniversary of China-Vietnam ties12-21
China views Ethiopia as major economic, trading partner in Africa: minister12-21
China, Moroccan FMs hold talks on enhancing bilateral ties12-21
Hu vows to harshly punish officials for malpractice12-21
Senior Chinese leader stresses importance of religious affairs management12-21
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