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British swimmer plans record cold North Pole swim
New Beijing Subway Line Undergoes Test Run

Angler Catches Large Fish

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Afghanistan to free 72 inmates seen "dangerous" by U.S.: statement01-10
Germany to destroy effluent from Syrian chemicals01-10
Iran's leader says nuclear talks revealed U.S. hostility01-10
Former NBA star Rodman visits DPRK for Kim birthday match01-07
U.S., S. Korea vow to maintain strong deterrent against DPRK01-07
CANBERRA, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- Australian researchers, main stream media and citizens criticized Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was in flagrant disregard of the strong opposition of his Asian neighbors, for his visit last month to Tokyo' Yasukuni Shrine, the memorial which enshrines Japan's war dead including 14 Class-A war criminals of World War II.01-07
Japanese PM criticized in Australia for visit to Yasukuni Shrine01-07
U.S. Senate confirms Yellen as Fed's next chair01-07
Sudan president to meet Kiir in Juba on solution to conflict01-06
Arctic cold front bites northern, central regions of United States01-06
Park proposes to resume family reunion with DPRK around Lunar New Year01-06
News Analysis: Fierce clashes in Anbar highlight sectarian schism, al-Qaida resurgence in Iraq01-06
Israel delays announcement on settlement construction until after Kerry's visit: report01-02
Palestinian ambassador to Czech Republic killed by safe explosion01-02
Putin visits Volgograd bombings victims, discussing public security01-02
Iraq to send army reinforcements to turbulent Anbar province: PM01-02
UN peacekeepers in DR Congo on alert after clashes: spokesman12-31
UN chief urges full cooperation of S. Sudan parties to solve crisis12-31
IOC President says Volgograd blasts unable to spoil Sochi Games12-31
Israel begins release of 26 Palestinian prisoners12-31
44 Iraqi lawmakers resign to protest against gov't moves on Sunnis12-31
UN Security Council authorizes thousands more peacekeepers to South Sudan12-25
Egypt arrests Morsi's prime minister12-25
South Sudan army retake strategic town in oil-rich state12-25
Israeli airstrikes on Gaza kill Palestinian girl12-25
AK-47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 9412-24
Israeli PM says U.S. spying "unacceptable"12-24
S. Sudan president ready to talk with former deputy to end crisis: U.S. envoy12-24
Obamacare sign-up deadline extended to Christmas Eve12-24
UN chief to propose reinforcing peacekeepers in South Sudan12-24
At least 14 people killed in Brazilian bus plunge12-23
Death toll of school blast in Syria's Homs rises to 2012-23
Colorado girl dies from gunshot to head in campus shooting12-23
Egypt forms fact-finding committee to probe post-Morsi violence12-23
UN mission relocates non-critical staff from South Sudanese capital to Ugandan city12-23
University professor killed in bombing in Tehran: TV12-21
S Korea conditions discussion of peace treaty on restart of six-party talks12-21
Iran says detained Americans to be tried soon12-21
Intensified security measures paralyze Baghdad12-21
Spokesman: Iran awaits response to nuclear fuel swap12-21
Sarah Palin joins Fox as contributor12-21
U.S. officials to visit West Bank to revive peace talks12-21
Italian police arrest 17 Mafia suspects12-21
Russia to lease nuclear submarine to India for decade: report12-21
Three killed in Georgia shooting: CNN12-21
EU Council president visits Athens focusing on economic crisis12-21
Iraq forces detain 25 suspects, seize explosives in Baghdad12-21
No negotiations with settlements underway: Abbas12-21
Iran accuses U.S., Israel of assassinating nuclear scientist12-21
Major quake rocks Haiti, many nations ready with assistance12-21
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