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British swimmer plans record cold North Pole swim
New Beijing Subway Line Undergoes Test Run

Angler Catches Large Fish

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China issues long-term roadmap for development of science and technology12-21
Anti-porn filter software stirs up disputes in China12-21
New technology helps Chinese farmers remote control their crops12-21
U.S./China scheme wins international energy award12-21
Tibet to launch scientific expedition to probe China's strongest quake12-21
China to witness longest total solar eclipse in 500 years12-21
"Magic Cube" supercomputer starts operations in Shanghai12-21
Chinese arms on show in Paris12-21
China starts running test of home-made maglev train12-21
Venezuela, China to exhibit industrial technology in Caracas12-21
IBM sets up Beijing center for telecom solutions12-21
Preservationists set up tents to aid Tibetan antelopes in birth season12-21
Handicapped Siberian tiger gives birth to two cubs after Caesarean operation12-21
First solar plane set for round-the-world trip in 201112-21
HK lays firm foundation in biotechnology and nanotechnology12-21
Cross-Straits undersea cable expected by year-end12-21
Chinese computer giant to launch gaming computers12-21
"Green Dam" developers harassed by threat calls12-21
China helicopter JV to roll out A109E choppers12-21
New regulation restricts sex info on Internet12-21
Scientists make breakthrough in animal sex selection12-21
China software sector reports 23.3% rise in revenue in first five months12-21
Contract signed for HK's UBPA Exhibition at Shanghai Expo 201012-21
Navigation tech used to monitor endangered sharks in S China's Hainan12-21
"World's largest" shipyard opens in NW China coastal city12-21
China's satellite positioning system to offer better service12-21
China to start building first 10 million-kw-level wind power station in mid-July12-21
Newly discovered dinosaur speicies named in NE China12-21
ADB Funds technology development to cut greenhouse gas emissions in China12-21
China's first female astronaut expected to complete space journey by 201212-21
More than 500 foreign stargazers to observe total solar eclipse in east China12-21
China's Qaidam Basin sensitive to global warming: study12-21
Chinese teenagers guide astronomical fans on solar eclipse observation12-21
Four artificially-bred South China tigers survive in China zoo12-21
CRI launches new service for mobile device12-21
China's Internet users top 338 mln by June12-21
Moon features to have standardized Chinese translations12-21
China to live broadcast longest total solar eclipse worldwide12-21
NW China gazelle facing extinction, glimmering hopes from artificial breeding12-21
China's first nuclear power plant's expansion starts new concrete pouring12-21
Rain, clouds may cast shadow on China's total solar eclipse viewing12-21
Google to strengthen mobile search service in China12-21
China Exclusive: China aims to record 40-minute image of solar eclipse corona12-21
China Focus: China prepares for the total eclipse12-21
China gears up for solar eclipse observation12-21
Astrophiles ready for their feast of solar eclipse12-21
Solar eclipse occurs in Tibet, but views blocked by clouds12-21
Solar eclipse seen in China12-21
Solar eclipse attracts watchers, despite clouds12-21
Total insolar eclipse seen in Chongqing, SW China12-21
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