Solid gold
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Solid gold

The high-end trend of Beijing's burgeoning bar scene is a natural consequence of its economy of scale. While big money is upping the ante of what's considered classy in the capital, the newly opened and heavily invested Liangma Lounge gives new weight to this tilting of the scales in favor of ever-greater glitz.

There were no holds barred for the champagne-soaked opening party of this new nightspot on September 4, and the fine wine and posh nosh that have become the milk and honey of the city's increasingly highfalutin nightlife industry were in ready supply.

Liangma is sectionalized into four seating areas separated by hanging red, velvet-threaded dividers. Entering the establishment means passing through a brightly lit breezeway bar, on either side of which large metal vats of the establishment's microbrewery steep and boil with beery homemade infusions.

This European-styled bar counter is fashioned from textured pieces of amber-colored stained glass paneling and dark wood, and is lined by low-backed leather bar stools, which provide the only seating in the room.

Further in, the establishment takes on a more lounge-like ambience, the genteel feel of which is cinched by the abundance of red velvet furnishings and draperies. The dcor here is a fusion of geometrically experimental modern design theory and antiquated European adornment.

Without question, the crown jewel of the nightspot is the semi-circular, raised-platform stage. This gem sparkles and shines in the illumination of an entire mega-club's worth of lighting equipment - all of which is cast on an area scarcely large enough to accommodate six performers simultaneously.

Black plastic and blue box-lights give the bar across from the stage a more modern appearance than the one found in the entryway. It's surrounded by glass floor-display panels showcasing artificial gold bars that are conspicuously stamped with the year 2008.

Those hoping to languish in lavishness as they tip back tipple should head down to this upmarket location, as Liangma gratifies Beijing bar-goers' wish for swish with great gusto.

Location: Third floor of Liangma Bogong. 53 Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District(Beijing Weekend)
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