The new sound of Gongti
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The new sound of Gongti

From the stellar sound system to the Star Wars prequel-inspired lighting, Remix hits all the right marks for the Gongti dance experience.

Aiming for a more discriminating crowd than its cousin next door, Remix's arty decor is elegant–a true rarity for a Gongti megaclub–with a decent sized dance floor, a large bar, a back area with comfortable tables and gargantuan high-ceiling VIP rooms. Remix's real selling point, however, is the crisp treble and booming bass of its top-of-the-line sound and the club's promise to bring interesting electronic music (not just hip-hop videos and by-the-book techno) to the Gongti nook. The padded walls put an end to the echo chamber-sound that plagues many Beijing clubs.

Drinks (starting at RMB30 for a Qingdao), tables and VIP rooms are standard megaclub fare, but the dedication to quality sound and sophistication makes Remix unique. A trip to Gongti for us will always be more about the DJ than the venue, but there isn't a better sounding space for bass in Beijing.

Blake Stone-Banks
Tel: 6530-2889
Address: Inside Worker's Stadium North Gate.

(City Weekend)

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