Catch the leaves in autumn(1)
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Catch the leaves in autumn

Fall is the season of leaves. Shedding their green outfits, leaves opt for a more colorful appearance when autumn comes. Red maples, golden phoenix trees and orange aspens all work together to present a bouquet of colors before they fall off the trees. And having a walk through the forest at this particular time makes fall is so irresistible. So why not take some time to treat yourself a cornucopia of colors in this autumn?

Kanan, Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region, Northwest China

Situated in the northern part of Xinjiang, Kanas has become famous for its rare and beautiful natural landscape. As a United Nations official describes it, Kanas is the last spot on earth whose ecosystem is kept intact and it testifies the fact that human beings own an amazing habitat.

Kanas borders Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and draws upon the gorgeous scenery of all three countries. Crowned as “pure land on earth”, Kanas boasts seven forested parks and three ethnic villages. Kanas Lake has won acclaim as the most beautiful lake on earth.

Fall is the best time to visit forested parks. The leaves change color during this period, and their shades turn deeper as autumn arrives. Seen from distance, the leaves from these forests represent an amazing collage of colors.

The ethnic villages here give an exotic flavor and present some interesting customs. Kazakh is a major ethnic group here and tourists should to pay special attention when meeting Kazakhs. For example, when a Kazakh family entertains you, remember not to stay at their home beyond two days, and never praise children in front of their parents. Also, never say their children are fat! They consider these actions rude.

Fragrant Hills, Beijing

Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan) is 20 kilometers northwest of Beijing and not far from the Summer Palace. Its name derives not from the fresh air or aroma in the area, but from the shape of the hills themselves. If you look close enough, you can just make out the shape of an incense burner at the peak of the hill.

Fall is the best time to go to Fragrant Hills when the maple leaves turn red, decorating the trees on the hillside with an extra glow to the area. Also there is Fragrant Hills Park, also known as the Garden of Congenial Tranquility. From here, visitors can either take a chair lift or hike up to the peak. From a particular spot named as Ghost Fear Peak, tourists can see the Yongding River, Luding Bridge, Prospect Hills, Summer Palace, Yuquan Hill and the outskirts of the city on a fine day.

Many villas for the rich and famous are hidden on the hill. One of them used to be Chairman Mao’s residence. For adventurers, Fragrant Hills also offers a number of marked trails and woodlands to explore.
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