The best restaurants on Ghost Street(1)
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The best restaurants on Ghost Street

The red lanterns that line Dongzhimen Nei turn on each night about an hour before sun down, marking the rebirth of Beijing's most celebrated dining experience: Gui Jie. Although it's known as "Ghost Street" because of the ghostly spectacle of the grocery and produce night market formerly located here, Gui Jie is now one of the most alive places you can find in the city.

Stretching over one kilometer from Dongzhimen Bridge to Jiaodaokou Dongdajie, this is the only street in Beijing that truly never sleeps. Guijie is a 24-hour celebration of Chinese cuisine, with hungry patrons arriving anytime from noon to 4am to chow down on the street where some of Beijing’s best loved specialties were created. Home to more than 200 restaurants, you can sample almost anything here, from Sichuan shuizhuyu and malatang to the rich taste of grilled seafood chuan’er and Peking duck. City Weekend helps you navigate some of the street’s best tasting treats.

1. Best Place for Spice

Jingui Xiaoshancheng

One of Guijie’s original restaurants, this is the place to come for “ma xiao,” the nickname for Gui Jie’s “spicy prawns.” At 6 yuan each, spicy food lovers can eat their fill. With three adjoining courtyards and large private rooms, this is the must-go-to location fro old Beijing ambiance.

Price: Less than 100 yuan per couple

Add: 183号 and 253号

Tel: 6407-6570

2. Best Chuan’er

Xiao Yu Shan

One of the summer’s busiest beer gardens has recently installed a new roof and four gas burning fire places to keep you warm while you enjoy a cold draft beer (8 yuan). In addition to great chuan’er, grilled seafood is the specialty here. You can pick the fish, shellfish (8 yuan), shrimp (48 yuan) and turtles from the tank. Reservations are essential on weekends.

Price: less than 100 yuan for a couple

Add: 195号

Tel: 6401-9899
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