Heels of fairy tale summer
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Hey everyone, I just finished writing a new summer version of Cinderella. It goes like this: Cinderella heard the bell tolling at midnight and she knew she would be turned back into an ugly, dirty girl, so she ran away from Prince Charming. Of course the key point of the story is she leaves behind one of her slippers. Why? Because summer is coming and those shoes are just so last season.

Adidas Original flip-flops

"A pair of flip-flops can give you that Hollywood slob look,"the girl wearing them said. "Something sloppy usually als something cool. If the trend for the season is high-end casual, then flip flops will dominate the street."

Available: Adidas Original shops
Price: 285 yuan

Crocs Prima

The Prima has been around a long time, but that's because the design is based on toe shoes. Wearing them will make you look long and dainty. It's not quite suitable for the more rounded woman, so spend some time on the Stairmaster before wearing these out in public.

Available: Crocs, basement floor, south tower, The Place, No 9, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang
Price: 249 yuan

Crocs Beach

Cinderella certainly would not wear these. First off, they are not crystal ?Cinderella only wears crystal slippers. She's a material girl. Second, there is a strap over the ankle, so they wouldn't be very easy for h to "lose." If the bright colors aren't enough, you can always add your own decorations to the many holes in the material. That's right ladies, you can accessorize you accessories.

Available: Crocs, basement floor, south tower, The Place, No 9, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang
Price: 249 yuan

Stripped slippers

If you don't love these slippers, then you must hate zebra stripes. And as we all know, anyone who hates zebra stripes supports poaching Africa's beautiful wildlife. PETA hates you.

Available: Piaoliang Girl, No 114, Xinjiekou Nan Dajie, Xicheng
Price: 15 yuan

Vietnamese slippers

This pair of slippers was recommended by one of Beijing Today's world famous photographers. He said the flowers on these slippers remind him f sexy Vietnamese ladies and bright sunshine. If you have a friend coming from Vietnam, our photographer suggests buying him a pair. It's cheaper than buying him a girl.

Available: F/5, Yaxiu Clothes Market, Sanlitun, Chaoyang
Price: 30 yuan

Bubu's flower slipper

Check out the ancient Chinese-style flowers on these slippers. They should make for an interesting summer when strolling through Beijing. This simple but oh-so-colorful style dominated all of Bubu's products. Seeing them is reminiscent of Hawaiian beaches in Hollywood blockbusters, isn't it.

Available: Bubu's, No 46, Xinjiekou Nan Dajie, Xicheng
Price: 89 yuan
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