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New buildings and new department stores spring up all over the city all the time, but this one stands out from the rest. Part-shopping mall, part department store, Shin Kong Place distinguishes itself from the competition not only due to its sheer size (occupying a total business area of 12,000sqm) but also thanks to the caliber of stores within. Having successfully attracted 938 international-class brands, they also boast the largest Gucci flagship store in Asia, and more than 20 brands make their debut appearance on the Chinese mainland.

The first thing which strikes shoppers as they enter is the sheer number of luxury brands- including Chanel, Dior, Boss, Fendi, Gucci and Marc Jacobs. Younger markets are catered to with brands such as Converse, Diesel, Juicy Couture and Acupuncture, with sports brands Nike and Adidas both boasting flagship stores in the complex.

Shin Kong Place also seems to have every other aspect of shopping covered within its department store. The homeware and electronics department on the fifth floor will have everything home decor enthusiasts could wish for, and children are also well served, with toys, clothes and maternity goods all available.

It's easy to rave about the vast range of high quality goods on offer, but the real difference is in Shin Kong Place's attention to detail. A quiet room for trying cosmetics and beauty products is tucked away on the first floor, offering consumers the chance to sample and apply products away from the hustle and bustle of the shop floor. Information points and translation services are found on every floor, along with cafes for refueling in between bursts of shopping. Parents can take advantage of the kids' playroom on floor five, and nursing mothers have full use of a discreet nursing room. There's also a small medical room, in case of an emergency. As befits the luxurious nature of the store, a VIP program is in effect, the benefits of which include the use of the VIP chill out room.

The overall layout is spacious, well-designed and offers such a comprehensive range of goods and dining options that shoppers won't really need to go anywhere else. The bar has been raised... what remains to be seen is how other malls and department stores will adapt to keep up.

Shin Kong Place
Opening time: Daily 10am-10pm.
Address; 87 Jianguo Lu (beside China Central Place), Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-6530 5888)
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