Do your own jewelry
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Do your own jewelry

Spending an hour at Beads is an ideal way to get re-acquainted with your creative side, enjoy time with the kids, or create a special gift for a friend.

The Canadian DIY jewelry store is a Shanghai veteran but is often overlooked in the busy People’s Square Mall. The tiny bijouterie allows you to create personalized necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories or key chains using pearls, stones and beads.

The store’s collection is immense, ranging from deep-red coral, turquoise and pink quartz to the more exclusive Czech fire-polished crystals, Italian lamp beads, pewter pearls and Japanese miracle beads. Shoppers are given little gray trays to make their bead selections, after which a shop assistant helps in choosing appropriate wires, ropes and findings to make the jewelry.(
Amateur jewelers can seek help from one of the trained assistants while seasoned artisans (or confident first-timers) can head directly to one of the well-equipped workbenches in the store. Prices vary depending on the piece you create.

Shop 240, Dimei Shopping Centre,218 Wusheng Lu
Tel: 021-63582245

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