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Receive free incoming calls
2007-03-22 10:12:53 [ Big Normal Small ]     Comment
  Finally, the two giants, China Mobile and China Unicom, took some steps this March to end charges for incoming phone calls.
  China Mobile
  The M-zone package is now pushing a "Dong Ting Strategy"a ten-yuan per month plan with free incoming calls. It cost 0.25 yuan (9am-9pm) or 0.12 yuan (9pm-9am) per minute to make calls no matter you give or receive a call.
  Shenzhouxing will open a service tomorrow; named "King of Calls," the service costs 20 yuan per moh, with 0.25 yuan per minute outgoing calls (0.6 yuan per minute without "King of Calls")and free incoming calls. Here is a little tip: add 12593 before the number you dial and you can enjoy a lower price of 0.2 yua Both can log into the website or go to service stands if you want this service. Calls to 10086 to start this service are not available.
  China Unicom
  "Up," the 15-yuan per month Unicom plan rolled on Tuesday, has free incoming calls and 0.2 yuan per minute dialing. To apply for it, you can text "CXJTMF" to 1234, call 10010 or go to China Unicom's service stands. Ruyitong will soon open the service.
  (beijing today)
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